Here's What You Get With

   Your New Home Plan Package!

Each plan comes with one set of reproducible vellums for you to copy at your locality. Our home plans are easy to read and well organized. Typical page layouts are outlined below, but may vary from plan to plan:

Page 1: General notes, specifications, schedules and detailed front.
Page 2: All exterior elevations with notations.
Page 3: Foundation and basement plan, fully detailed and dimensioned.
Page 4: First floor plan, fully detailed and dimensioned.
Page 5: Second floor plan, and our roof plan and framing guide.
Page 6: First and second floor electrical plans, plumbing supply and waste diagrams.
Page 7: Cross sections, details and specifications.

Note: Page organization may vary depending on the size, number of floors, etc. of each plan. Our plans are designed to meet or exceed BOCA (Building Officials & Code Administrators International, Inc.) standards in the Chicago, IL. general vicinity. Since local building codes and site conditions vary, depending on your particular geographic location, some minor editing or labeling may be required.